This is what frogs eat?


“Tyler what do you want to eat for breakfast?”

I expected to hear a response along the lines of pancakes, or eggs, or cereal. Instead, I was corrected as to whom I was speaking with.

“Actually, I’m a frog right now.”

“Ok, what does a frog want to eat for breakfast?”

“Umm frog food.”

Were you aware of this? Frogs eat frog food?! Next you’re going to tell me that dogs eat dog food, and lions eat lion food, and people eat people food.

“Well, tell me what foods you want to eat, mister frog.”

“Umm… Flies, and bugs, and penguins, and snowmens.”

So, for breakfast, we had fly and bug eggs, penguin sausages, and snowmen orange slices.

The toothless wonder

This evening, Tyler and I hung out at home while Sarah did some Christmas shopping… alone. I played with a toy airplane and Tyler played with a toy car. We drove all around (because my airplane wasn’t allowed to fly… his rules, not mine) the living room. We visited a restaurant and ordered take-out, took it back to our cave and ate it. Afterward, the car and the airplane farted. After a few trips to the restaurant, and a few trips back to the cave for farting, I suggested that maybe we should visit a pet store on our next trip out of the cave. Tyler thought this was a splendid idea. While at the pretend pet store, we looked at lizards, giant spiders, dinosaurs, and snakes.

“Tyler, do you remember touching a snake when we went camping with Grandma and Grandpa?”

This led to us watching the snake video… which led to us watching a few videos of Tyler when he was a baby.

Take this video, for example. It’s only 57 seconds long, so be sure to click play:

Not playing? click here

As he cried in the video, I asked him about it.

“Tyler, do you know why you’re crying here?”

“Yeah. I cryin’ uhcause I have no teeth.”