Tyler sneezed on Tuesday. When I told Sarah about it, her reaction far different than mine. My reaction was one of loud, cackling laughter. Sarah’s was one of sympathy and mild sadness.

Tyler is constantly finding objects to grab onto so that he can stand up. He enjoys using long objects that afford him the ability to walk along them. He’ll grasp the couch cushion and shimmy from one end to the other. He uses the entertainment center quite often as well. I’ve had to push the television back about twelve inches so that he can’t use a hard plastic toy as a hammer against the screen. Side note: Owning a flat-panel LCD television with a newborn baby isn’t a great idea.

I think the action of walking along these objects is referred to as "cruising". If not, I apologize for using it out of context here.

Tyler has most recently taken to cruising along the windows in our living room. He points at everything outside, and I dutifully tell him what he’s looking at.

"That’s a car. Black car."

"That’s our lawn. It’s covered in grass. Green grass."

And so on and so forth. Tyler seems to be absorbing everything, pointing at the sky, trees, birds, squirrels and anything else that catches his attention. Inside the house, he points at the walls, ceilings, lights and picture frames.

While cruising along the windows and pointing at everything in sight, Tyler’s head swayed back and then snapped forward with a forceful sneeze… and cracked his forehead on the window sill. Physical comedy slays me, so this sent me into hysterics. I did manage an, "are you ok, bud?" through my laughter, but he didn’t seem to even notice anything happened. Aside from a bright red line just above his brow, all was normal. And that was good, because it allowed me the time to fully absorb the comedy gold that Tyler provided at his own expense.

Boys are fun.

4 thoughts on “Sneeze”

  1. oh no about his lip! I hope he gets better and Sarah gets some valium for her nerves.

    My kids always sneeze at least twice and then they giggle. Both do it and both have been doing it since their very first sneeze. So funny.

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