He loves his King Kong

Some of the things that Tyler does amazes me.

I’ve blogged previously about Tyler BONKing me on the head, and how much fun it is for both of us. This game that Tyler created has evolved into a game of chase. The BONK game started with Tyler putting his head down – like a bull – and charging into me. The morph began with me crawling into Tyler and BONKing him on the head. I would then crawl away and hide around he corner. Tyler came to look for me an would BONK me back. He would then crawl away squealing and laughing. I gave chase, saying "I’m gonna get it." Over time, Tyler has stopped BONKing me, much to my dismay. Instead, he crawls halfway to me, or until he’s in my view, and stops.

"I’m gonna get it."

Tyler then turns around, squealing and laughing as he runs crawls away from me. Although I know I am drastically reducing the effective life of my jeans, I am having way too much fun to care.

When Sarah and I started dating, our idea of fun was drinking all night, jumping out of airplanes (my first dive) (three times for each of us), hang-gliding (pics), and hitting triple-digit speeds on a motorcycle. Not all on the same night though; we aren’t crazy! It’s funny how perceptions change over time. I have a blast chasing Tyler around the house and have been flirting with possibly selling the crotch rocket.

Another development that has awed me is Tyler’s recent attachment to a stuffed monkey, given to him as a gift from Sarah’s friends, Rachael and Trisha.

Two weekends ago, we all went and visited Sarah’s Aunt Karla and Uncle Curt. Since I want to talk about the monkey, I won’t tell you of all the card games I lost, the delicious food, or the fact that Karla and I Euchred Curt’s and Sarah’s smug selves to finish a game that was tied at nine points each. I won’t tell you that, so just forget about the last couple sentences.

They have a bucket full of the really large Lego blocks. I couldn’t tell you who had more fun playing with them between and adults and Tyler. I constructed a skyscraper that utilized all 75 pieces of the Lego set. This thing was tall; easily thirty-six inches. Tyler was eating breakfast with Sarah, so I kept playing. I posed the monkey halfway up the structure, à la King Kong – a character of which Tyler has no knowledge of. To finish the stage, and really sell the scene, I set a truck on its side and placed a firetruck nearby. Upon finishing his meal and seeing the danger that monkey was in, Tyler rushed to the scene, saved monkey, pushed the skyscraper over and onto the firetruck (killing everyone inside), and hugged monkey. Hugged it! On Sunday, he kept hugging it, kissing it and cuddling with it. Sarah said that he was "showing" his toys to monkey recently as well. He LOVES that thing!

I don’t know if I ever had a security blanket or a security toy, but I think it’s cute that Tyler is forming such a strong attachment to the monkey. I wondered for a moment if it is "healthy" for a baby to have a security item. In yesterday’s mail, Sarah received something with baby information inside. We signed up for all sorts of newsletters and parenting magazines when Sarah was pregnant, so something is always showing up in the mail or in our email.

"Next time your baby takes his teddy bear along, take it as a compliment.

Okay, so that little stuffed bear or cozy blanket is starting to look worse for the wear. But all that love your baby is showering on it is actually good for him, as well as a good reflection of you as a parent.

Surprised? Here’s why: stuffed animals or blankets play an important part in your baby’s emotional support system. Since they’re comforting and help him feel at ease, he wants to take them wherever he goes. And contrary to being a sign of insecurity, it shows that your baby is loved and nurtured and is able to comfort himself; a step towards independence. And that’s something to feel good about.”

I guess we’re doing something right.

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