Shut the #@!% UP!!

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Just shut up. I really can’t deal with this crap any longer. Tyler seems to enjoy fighting sleep. I mean, why else would he be doing so, if he didn’t enjoy it? When he does end up falling asleep, he sleeps pretty heavily (thank you for passing along that gene, Sarah). That doesn’t stop me, though, from wanting to create an environment that encourages him to continue sleeping.

Aside from force-feeding Sarah a couple handfuls of sleeping pills – and hoping that they get absorbed into her milk supply, and passed on to Tyler – about the most I can do is dim the lighting and keep the house quiet. Problem is, there is some type of silent alarm that goes off the very second Tyler dozes off. Sarah and I can’t hear the alarm, so it would be hard to prove, but the rest of the free world can hear the alarm, and its a signal to make as much noise and disruption as humanly possible.

Tyler fell asleep for a nap this afternoon, so I put him in his bouncy seat and sat him next to Sarah and I. Her and I were playing cribbage, so we were doing our part in staying quiet. Then, the neighbor dog starts barking… INCESSANTLY. So, I got up and dramatically closed the windows in the kitchen (where we all were). I hope the neighbors heard it too, although I know it won’t matter; they can’t control their dogs, and it drives me nuts. Anyway, the little yapper dog finally goes back in the house, leaving us in silence again. That’s when Logan (one of OUR 2 dogs) decided he wanted to – as loudly as possible – start slurping water out of the dish. I’m here to tell ya that it was the loudest slurping I’ve EVER heard. I reached back and tapped Logan on his leg and told him he’d have to wait for his water until later.

Do you know what he did? He walked right next to Tyler – I’m talking, 6 inches away from him – and shook, VIGOROUSLY, back and forth. He sprayed water from his gullet everywhere, including onto Tyler. Of course, his collar was on, so his tags were jingling and ringing nice and loudly. Ugh.

All Sarah and I could do was share an exasperated look with each other. Tyler woke up very shortly afterwards. We were less than pleased with it all.

2 thoughts on “Shut the #@!% UP!!”

  1. In my experience, if you want them to sleep they won’t. If you project an air of indifference over whether or not they sleep, they’re out like a light.

    Dalton also fights sleep. A lot. He would rather look at everything in the world than the insides of his eyelids. I feel your pain on this one. Do you let him fall asleep to noise? We typically have him in a room with a TV or radio on a low to moderate level when he falls asleep so that he does not need complete silence to sleep. It seems to help.

  2. We usually have the ceiling fan going for a little “white noise”. Whenever he sleeps downstairs, there’s all kings of background noise going on, lol.

    I did just get my hands on about 7 or 8 Baby Einstein CDs. I’m sure you’re familiar with them, but just in case… Baby Bach, Baby Beethoven, Baby Mozart, etc. It’s basically all classical music, but the “songs” are only about 3 minutes long, each. I’ve got them all converted to MP3 today. I’d like to get them on Sarah’s iPod and have it play on a loop for Tyler.

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