Use your words

The picture above has nothing to do with this post. I just think it’s an awesome picture.

Babies should be born with at least a minimal set of words pre-programmed into their brains. Words like “peep”, “poop”, “binky”, “snuggle”, “gas”, and “hungry”.

Tyler spent much of today screaming. It wasn’t actual “screaming”, but I don’t exactly know how to describe it. Yelling? Maybe. The problem is, though, that we didn’t know what he wanted. I can tell you what he didn’t want:

  • He did not want to be held
  • He did not need to be changed
  • He did not need to feed (just finished)
  • He did not want to be burped
  • He did not appear to want to sleep
  • He did not want to be on his belly
  • He did not want to be on his back
  • He did not want to sit upright
  • He did not want to be swaddled
  • He did not want to be in his swing
  • He did not want his pacifier

To the best of my knowledge, and through the power of deducing, it appeared that Tyler just wanted to yell. Maybe he liked the sound of his own yells.

I finally decided that he “needed” to take a nap, because he was being too fussy. I swaddled him and put him on his back, next to me. He yelled. After awhile, he stopped, and promptly fell asleep. He didn’t wake up for 2 hours. The only reason he woke up is because I woke him up for some boobtime.

A few hours later…. we did it all over again. Again, I decided he needed sleep. It was 10pm, so I don’t think I was wrong. I swaddled him and allowed him to cry. Awhile later, he stopped and fell asleep. It’s now been 2 hours and 10 minutes, and he’s still sound asleep.

I gotta say…. this officially goes in the books as being a rough day. I apologize for this post not being very clever or even remotely funny, but that’s about the jist (gist?) of what’s happened today. Pretty uneventful, except for yelling.

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  1. Have you heard of the Dunstan Baby Language? It goes by the theory that the very first part of the baby’s cry means something and that if you know the five different “words” that babies say, you can figure out what they want. I have the DVDs, still shrink-wrapped, but I’ve thought about watching them. If you’re interested, you guys can borrow them.

    I’m also really jealous of that foot picture. DJ won’t hold his feet still at all for such cute photos.

    Unfortunately, the class we went to is the last one I’ll be able to go to for a while because I will be working second shift. I’m really looking forward to hearing how Glenn and Leann are doing too – they were supposed to be at class on Monday, but since they weren’t… maybe they have a baby!

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