He’s asleep! Time for a nap!

Sarah and I have kinda fallen into a routine or schedule, mostly by coincidence, I think. It goes like this… During the day, if Sarah’s tired, and she has recently fed (read “just finished feeding”) Tyler… she can go upstairs and get a nap. I take care of Tyler the best I can. If he gives his “I’m hungry” cry (which we call the “Nursey Cry”), and it’s only been an hour, I tell him that he needs to wait. If it’s been 2 hours or longer, we go get Sarah for some foods. I don’t hand him off to Sarah if he’s crying. He has to calm down first. I stay up until around 2am or so, and stick to the same routine, so that Sarah can rest when she needs to.

Now, once I go to bed – anywhere between 1am and 3am – if Ty starts getting fussy, Sarah takes care of it. This is for, I would guess, 3 reasons:

  1. Sarah’s got the boobs and thus, has the milks
  2. He currently sleeps in our room with us. His crib is right next to Sarah, so she’s closer.
  3. Either I sleep through his cries, or Sarah has ninja reflexes and scoops Ty up before he can really turn up the volume.

I asked Sarah once, why she didn’t wake me up to help. If you remember, from a previous blog, she said “Because we didn’t need you.”

So, I get one solid run of sleep during the night, and am up for the day. I have been known to nap, but I try not to. Sarah sleeps when she can. It’s tough being the mom, but I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the job of being my baby mama.

Ty woke up about 45 minutes ago and started getting fussy. I held him and asked what his major malfunction was. He responded with a cry. I told him to use his words, and he responded with a cry.

He was kicking his legs around, and his face turned red. He looked like he was really, uhhh… thinking…. very hard. And then, his butt just exploded. I felt the force, through the diaper, on my hand. But he was still straining, so I told him to take care of whatever business he had to take care of, and that I was there to support him. He let 2 more RIP. Then he yawned, and looked at peace with the world.

I grabbed the diaper supplies and sat him down, all the while trying to mentally prepare myself for what lie between the diaper and his soft, pink skin.

Nothing. There was NOTHING! The only thing that could have made me prouder is if he had asked me to pull his finger.

2 thoughts on “He’s asleep! Time for a nap!”

  1. It seems to me that once a good routine is established, going back to work ruins it. Also, as a mom with a newborn who sleeps in a bassinet beside me, I’d go with the ninja reflexes option. I’ve never been a napper, but when our little guy gives me four solid hours of sleep at night, it feels how 8 used to feel.

  2. after the 1st month (and giving up that our tyler would ever latch) i was fo effing tired that just stopped functioning. husband took over night feedinds which lasted a very long time with our son. (think 18months and still one feeding on most nights. we’re pussies)

    you should be proud of that little man’s ass. they make some impressive noises out of those little bums. farts are way easier to deal with that will power. right now i’m trying to convince my tyler that playdoh and carpet doesnt neccessarily mix well. he’s trying to convince me other wise. effing will power.

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